Friday, March 27, 2015

Five Fact Friday

Instead of figuring out why my house smells, I have decided to grace you with a few life updates. I think its my trash is trash day. 

1. Most people use their Blendtecs to make green smoothies or almond butter or something to better their life.  I am on a triple thick milkshake kick.  I am talking blending brownies up into the ice cream and other silliness.  This started on St. Patty's Day with a mint chocolate chip one and I dream about what is next.  Peanut butter and chocolate.  Strawberries with nutella.  ICE CREAM! IIII SCREAM.

I am having to eat stuff like this for lunch so my pants will still fit.  So worth it.
2.  Wyatt learned to write his name.   I sure didn't teach it to him.  Thanks preschool!  Now he is obsessed with writing people's names.  We spend our evenings after dinner writing letters with chalk. After dinner has been kinda nice since the time change.  Instead of putting kids straight into the bath tub after dinner we do a wipe down and go play or go on a walk.  I could get used to this.
3.  After 2 weeks of suffering, Kate finally learned to extend her one nap a day.  She now naps 2 to 3 hours a day starting at 12ish.  I just flip out when we have to drive anywhere because a 2 minute power nap can ruin EVERYTHING.  Look into the light Kate...noooooo.  Stay awake.  Throw toys at her.  Shove snacks in her hand.  When she gets a good nap she wakes up happy and gets to stay up late enough to see daddyyyyy (her favorite). 
4.  I didn't know that bed time stalling developed at 15 months but this is what Kate yells when you lay her down before a nap or bed time.  INK INK INK (drink please).  DEAT DEAT DEAT (eat please) BUPPY BUPPY BUPPY (here is my puppy that I cuddle with).   Her other main vocabulary words are tractor, mower, cheese, tank you, book, Dusty (like the airplane), bow bow, hat, catch, ball, and shoes.  Kate's favorite book to read is a Trucks book with little sliding there a girl equivalent to this?  Animals maybe?  I need to browse the flip book section.
Likes to rock any 'hat'.  Will play in the front yard with her or Wyatt's bike helmet on.  

5. And lets talk about foooood...HEB Pork Taco Meat "Al Pastor"  not soo shabby if you put lots of pico and some avocado on those tacos....too spicy for the kiddies though.  Until today I only ate my cabbage in cole slaw, cabbage soup, or turbodog braised BUT I heard someone talking about fried cabbage.  I looked it is cabbage cooked in a few sliced of bacon (and grease of course) and it is delish!  So bring on the cabbage..and bacon. 
Tree climbing with our best neighbors...every day.



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