Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. I have discovered the secret to accepting time changes.  Go on a trip...and then your kids will be so tired they will go to sleep whenever you put them to bed.  I need to remember this trick for next year.   So take a trip, have spring break, and convert a baby from 2 naps to 1 all during time change....yay!
I'm not sleepy mommmmzzzzzz

2. And just in case you thought fun Janet does not exist is proof of fun Janet and sleepy baby Kate.  Doesn't my face just say FUN? My hair says East Texas.  My clothes say 2002. Kate liked to roll around on the ol 4 Wheeler but my thumb only lasted about 5 minutes with this 1988 throttle. 

3.  We went to eat at a BBQ joint for dinner one night this week.  The serving girls asked if we wanted jalapenos, onions, and pickles.  We said yes.  All the things.  Wyatt said jalapenos please so the girls made a big deal of fixing him a special cup of his own jalapenos.  He sat down at the table and pulled his cup of jalapenos over, pulled one out, and took a bite.  Poor guy.  I couldn't stop laughing but he was in so much pain.  He looked just like the cartoons do when somebody eats something too spicy.  He made a cry face for a few seconds, chugged some water, and stuffed some potato salad in his mouth.  I tried one of the jalapenos and they might have been the hottest pickled jalapenos we have ever eaten.  I still want to laugh and cry at the same time when I remember him eating his special jalapenos they fixed just for him. 

4. I got a new fancy Blendtec for a birthday present and I am going bananas.  All those green smoothies have perfect consistency.  I am blending raw almonds into my smoothies.   Completely frozen fruit...not a problem.  Hunter always says I don't need one.  Janet always says she wants one.  Janet makes at least 2 smoothies a week.  I think it is a perfect addition to the kitchen.  Has anyone tried the soup setting yet? 

5.  Kitchen wins this week.  Hamburger / Salisbury steak with mushrooms and onions served over mashed potatoes.  Best way to switch up my ground beef so far.  Model after pioneer woman if you need a starting point.  Also, I have never tried White Enchiladas and this sauce was so good I was eating it with a spoon.  I used some leftover pulled pork and chicken to stuff it.  I need to repeat this one.  I paired my enchiladas with Pressure Cooker Spanish Rice



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