Friday, May 22, 2015

Five Fact Friday

Short and sweet today.  Semi sick kid. Work to do. Laundry to fold. :)

1. Still rocking the button down shirts so he can do his own buttons. Needs a haircut. Takes naps in my bed now.  Squishes up against me in my bed so much that I have a hard time typing on the computer. I usually have to put the computer up and wait until I hear snores.  Finally understands which days are school days....just in time to change everything up for summer school.
2. He has been off for the past few weeks. I keep thinking he is getting sick and then it turns into nothing. Well, it is actually something because he has been running a low fever for the past day and a half. I think he will bounce back in a day or so
3. Dresses at the playground are so impractical.  How do girls do it? Messy playground hair. She does all the big slides and stairs now. I just make sure she doesn't fall out of the big openings on the side.
4.We have hair coming in!  And it is curly hair.  Not sure if this is humidity or real curls.  And why aren't there more racer back t's for girlies.  Too cute. :)
5."And which type would he like" says the sample lady to Hunter holding baby Kate wearing a pony tail. She was probably wearing pink. is just about full out mosquito season here so our times of playground and outside play are coming to an end.  There are only about 2 indoor play options round here so that won't get old.



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