Friday, June 12, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. Sometimes your house has power surges for a few months and you ignore it. Then one day, the surges get really bad. Like poltergiest bad. Your appliances don't run. Your lights are super dim.  Then they get lightening bright.  Sometimes your 3 year old will be napping in your bed and your 1 year old wakes up, and you smell fire. AND THEN, you get to have a practice fire drill.  I chose to save my 2 children.  Then I went back inside and grabbed our important paper fireproof-ish box. Then I went back in and got my truck keys, my phone, and my computer (kinda silly).  I was ready to BAIL.  GET OUT.  Then I started doing the what if I am imagining this talk.  If I call someone, they are just going to say yah lady, you don't have enough to do. Sure the lights are flickering in your house and you smell fire.  I made my neighbor come over to smell and vouch for my sanity and she said you are not crazy..stay out.  So anyways, my house didn't burn down, the power company had to come replace / fix a transfomer and all is right.  This is your friendly reminder to think about what you would save in a pinch.  And some pics to prove that I am not that crazy lady.

2. I did a week of Blue Apron.  I was very impressed with the quality of ingredients. I enjoyed the creativity of the recipes.  The recipes were detailed. The packaging could not be easier (no measuring). The price is expensive, but hey it is food delivered to your door and it is FUN.  I might not do many more weeks in the future (because of the price), but this would be a great gift for a new mom or a person who likes to cook but may be a little sick or not able to get out. 
The packaging

Korean meatballs

Chicken, spring quinoa, rhubarb chutney
3.  You should make this coffee protein shake.  I need to follow the Serious Eats perfect Migas recipe. I want to try this quinoa salad since I finally found a quinoa recipe I like (thanks Blue Apron).


Happiest Friday.



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