Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dead Talk

Wyatt is now interested in when people "get dead".  These questions are tough!  He keeps saying things like will I be dead in 30 60 90 weeks?  Is that a long time?  Will you get dead soon?  Does it hurt when we leave our bodies?  I guess dead talk has to come at some point.  I wonder how much he reaallllly understands. 

Kate has recovered from the explosive d.  My washing machine has too.  So far there are no other victims. 

I wanted to skip having a birthday party for Kate this year.  Then I felt guilty for second kid treatment.  Then I decided to have a playground birthday party.  Then the weather decided to not cooperate.  I am currently spinning up not real birthday party options in my head. 

We visited our second pumpkin patch yesterday.  Always fun.  :)

Wyatt started gymnastics about a month ago and yesterday was the first day he really put it all together and rocked it.  I was so proud of him.

Kate and I sit in an upstairs viewing room at gymnastics and I bribe her with snacks and toys and selfies.  The moms all chat and gossip and like usual I sit in my corner and "be awkward".  Actually a few dads take their little girls we talk about things like essential oils and teething.  I am not kidding.  I really did have this conversation with a dad who had a duck dynasty beard, was wearing costas sunglasses, and a guy harvey shirt. 

I have already shared this one with the world, but Wyatt learned to ride his bike yesterday...sorta...if he gets a push start.  I guess the take off is hard.   I really thought he had no chance of learning when we tried earlier in the week and then something just clicked and he figured it out. 


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