Monday, October 19, 2015

58 Degrees

It was 58 degrees outside this morning.  Yeahhhhh!  I celebrated by going to boot camp and sweating less than usual.  I am going to celebrate even more by making Pumpkin Taco Soup for dinner.  I am not a huge pumpkin fan, but this recipe just adds some depth and deliciousness and is one of the few chicken in the crock pot recipes I can handle. 

Today, after preschool dropoff, I get to go to my yearly check up.  Hunter's insurance requires us to go get a yearly checkup for a discount so off I go.  I love spending my kid free time waiting in dr's offices for checkups. There is a chance I will be able to swing by the grocery store after (since our fridge is empty) but no guarantees.  3 hours of preschool does not ever feel quite as long as you would think.  ;) Side note...picture day at school this week. The past 2 years Wyatt has had some adorable pictures but whatever filter they apply to all of the kids pictures gives Wyatt a green hue.  I can't wait to spend $40 on green tinted pictures.  I think they need to do the fair skin blonde hair check before applying their settings.  Maybe Kate can beat the green. 

I told my coworkers that I would probably be able to get in 30 hours once both of my kids started school.  So far I hit 23 once.  Haaaaa!  So what have I been doing with my free time?  I started running again.  It feels nice.  Putting both of the kids in the stroller with their dinner is a nice way to beat the dinner time blahs.  Also, less clean up! The problem is the sun is going down earlier so I am having a tough time fitting everything in at night. 

I have our Halloween costumes ready...we are going to have 2 superheroes this original...I know.  I did manage to put up the tiniest amount of decorations so virtual high five for me.  We have a mini skeleton that we refer to as Mr. Bones, bats on our windows, and one of those $3 spiderwebs.  I even bought the $3 strand of orange lights.  Martha Stewart better watch out. 

A few scenes from life below....


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