Monday, October 26, 2015

Kate Turns 2

She loves swinging. She is very specific about how you will swing her and how she will swing herself.  On bootie. On belly. Mommy back. Daddy feet.  Fast. High. Twisty.  She is like a swing sergeant. 

She picks what she wears for the most part.  Sometimes I am allowed to offer suggestions. She continues to love hats, jewelry, and shoes. She always wants to walk in the parking lot and walk at the grocery store and walk down the busy road. She must climb in to the car seat. "Kate do it only Kate". She must buckle the top buckle.

She has THESE curls, and a really cute face. Nobody thinks she is a little fella anymore! What a milestone. She is busy and animated.  She does not like to meet new people. She does not like to be the center of attention, but she does enjoy going to new places and being in the middle of the action.  She wants "mommy hold you" when she is scared or when she is around people she isn't around all of the time.  Mommy is high up on her list, but you know who is higher?  Yup, Daddy.  Daddy does almost every bed time.  Daddy has to do brush teeth.  Daddy sit by you.  And if Hunter's truck is there when we pull in to the drive way, she won't even let me unbuckle her.  She prefers to sit in the truck and wait for me to go get Daddy to unbuckle her.  Strong willed, she is. 

She is not my milestone breaker like Wyatt was.  She did walk very early and she has a pretty good vocabulary, but Wyatt was already potty trained and having full out conversations at this age.  She is excellent at playing big kid toys.  She has rarely showed interest in playing with baby toys or age appropriate toys.  She just wants to play whatever Wyatt plays and picks up pretty good how it is supposed to go.  Speaking of Wyatt, she pretty much worships him.  When I pick Kate up from school, the first thing she says is Wyatt.  Get Wyatt.  So we run over to his classroom and get him and all is right in her world again. She wants to know where Wyatt is the second she wakes up in the morning and again at nap time.

  Her food loves are interesting.  She eats cheese 3 meals a day, and I let her because well she is barely on the growth charts.  Her favorite foods are pistachios, cheese, steak, macaroni, only chick fil a nuggets, pepperonis, dried blueberries, grapes, goldfish, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, strawberries, and most forms of pasta with sauce.  She doesn't really eat many desserts, but she finally likes ice cream.  And she does like chocolate candy.  I tried to think of a special meal to make her for her birthday and it was tough because her likes are so random. 

She is an excellent napper (usually 2 hours a day).  She is an excellent sleeper (8 PM to 7 AM)  When she is not in her own bed, all bets are off although she is doing better for the most part.  She is currently sleeping on a pillow, with 2 blankets, 4 animals, and the toy of the day.  She keeps hiking her leg over the crib rail but not throwing herself over.  She is so big.  But so small.  And so dramatic. But so sweet.  She is a mommys girl.  But a daddys girl.  She is 2 years old today!!!!



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Happy Birthday darling Kate!


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