Wednesday, September 14, 2016


To any parent that has ever complained about "the blowout" diaper change for their baby / kid, I would like to introduce you to the "adult blowout".  People who have handled an adult diaper blowout are elite, special, brave, strong, and know how to use 72 wipes to get the job done.  Sometimes the adult blowout can take up to 43 minutes to manage.  So parents of baby blowouts that have complained, HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME.  Think of the people handling adult diaper blowouts and move on.  These also require anywhere form 4 to 6 gloves. 

You see, my elderly patient, aka iCant, has been on the antibiotics for many many months.  He has also endured some stays in Long Term Acute Care and Skilled Nursing / Rehab facilities.  He has picked up a few shiny antibiotic resistant bacteria along the way and killed all the good bacteria in his body along the way.  I won't even pretend to understand all these things.  MRSA, C. difficile, these might be our friends to stay.  The patient visited his infectious disease doctor yesterday.  This Dr is prescribing something new and shiny and expensive and probably took the office many hours to negotiate with insurance.  This one does not even have to be administered by IV.  Hip hip hoooray.  So after gathering yet another stool sample yesterday, I drove by the specialty pharmacy, that I literally waited on hold on the phone for over 120 non continuous minutes yesterday.  They had half of the order ready.  Next half to be picked up after another 120 minute hold.  So we are 24 hours in.  Will we see some changes?  Probably.  Will this fix the problem for good?  Probably not.  Until then, life moves on.  Side note..I saw an ad for adult cloth diapers.  I literally laughed out loud.  I love how browsers take your browsing history (like best adult diapers) and use that to manipulate your ads. 

Well I have 33 minutes until I go pick up my kids from preschool.  Yesterday, Wyatt got his folder sent home with a bad note.  3 warnings for not listening, being disruptive during circle time, and throwing toys.  This does not sound like my angel.  Maybe he is recovering from birthday, soccer practice, staying up too late for 4 - 5 days in a row. OR maybe this is what 5 is going to be like!?   Probably there is a bad influence in his class and he is giving into peer pressure.  TBD.  Today is also Hunter's birthday, so I am going to really dig deep and try to be pleasant (instead of totally done with all humans and caretaking) when he arrives home from work.  I am also going to make a dessert (as soon as my butter can go from frozen to cold).  He is a dessert man and I hate desserts and baking and making desserts.  I am going to go with this one... Chocolate Butterscotch Caramel Bars because there appears to be less dishes needed for this dessert. Also I bought some T Bones that I will serve with some sides that will magically appear and cook themselves and clean their own dishes tonight so that I can be a happy healthy loving wife like from the 1960s or whenever that happened.  Perhaps, I should stick to casseroles then instead of steaks.

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At September 15, 2016 at 3:15 PM , Blogger Beth said...

You're the real deal super hero. There will be special rewards in heaven for those who have changed adult blowouts and collected stool samples.

At September 15, 2016 at 10:25 PM , Blogger TakeMeThereTotes said...

You have a gift. I don't know if I could do that. Don't even want to try.


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