Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Death By Conference Calls

I am enjoying what I am doing at work right now, but ohhhh the phone calls.  I am spending about 3 hours a day on the phone. I can't really complain.  I am a remote worker so that is the only way they can  have a meeting and talk to me, but it is so draining. 

1. I am an introvert and prefer the "no talking unless I already know you" plan of action
2. I neglect my chilluns while I am on the phone.  Here.... eat this peanut butter jelly in the living room on our beige couch because I need to be able to finish this call.  Here....just watch this Paw Patrol real quick so I can finish this call.  No...push yourself in the swing. Can't get your Iron Man lego brick mold out...too bad.
3. The multi tasking wears me out...change diaper, mute, unmute, talk, change from Paw Patrol to Jake the Pirate, unmute, mute, start cooking dinner, chop, stir, unmute, talk, mute, pay a bill, pick play doh out of carpet, mute, umnute, stop a fight over a lego guy, mute, yup, talk, yup, thanks, bye.  Sigh of relief.  Now I have to be a good mom again when I just want a moment (as all mamas do).

Anyways, I am getting better at it.  My trucker head set has proved to be very effective (aside from getting stuck in my hair after every phone call). 

We found some minion glasses
Passing down our tractor shirts

Today is Thanksgiving feast at preschool (aka ham n cheese rollups, brownies, and other various preschool prepared feasty things).  This will be my first year to have to mom 2 kids in one room.  I bet Kate will demand my presence and Wyatt will be good with his buddies, but maybe he will be sad.  Mom guilt everywhere.  At least I get to skip a phone call for this.


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