Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Back To The Grind

We took a 5 day road trip to Mississippi last week. The highlights were seeing the extended family,  enjoying fall leaves, checking out the Sweet Potato Festival, my kids sleeping great at night when sharing the same room, the best playground I have ever seen, and spending time outside of my living room.  I was even able to get close to my normal hours of work thanks to long car rides and hot spots and stolen WiFi at night. The low points were road noise from cargo carriers, almost losing a cargo carrier, rain, low turnout at the festival and mis behaving 4 year olds because they are tired, hungry, and need more exercise.

Wyatt doing some front porch climbing

Kate playing at the best playground I have ever seen..with bathrooms

Passed out while sitting still for too long

We never could get our nap schedule down

Wearing our tractor outfit for the festival. Last year it was a dress. This year it is a tunic.

Festival artwork by our very own relative
We had to wear hoodies for the first time this year...Target to the rescue

So now we are at home and recovery is going better than expected.  Wyatt's behavior improved. Kate is catching up on her sleep.  I am getting work done. We are still on a Paw Patrol binge. We watched that DVD on loop in the car ride but it kept the kids happy so Paw Patrol We're On a Roll!!!

After eating not so healthy (goldfish, fried fish, mcdonalds), I have been craving meat and veggies like crazy so this week we have had stuffed sweet potatoes, butternut squash soup with roasted chick peas, and a delicious roast that Hunter had waiting for us when we got home.  I do my sweet potatoes savory style with cayenne, chili powder, paprika, tomatillo salsa, and leftover chicken fajita meat. 

I barely survived my 3 mile run on Monday and boot camp just about did me in today.  Not cool how you can get out of shape in 1 week but the getting in shape takes forever.

Ice cream (for cleaning his plate and behaving)

Dinner time has been almost pleasant for the past few days


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