Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Boxes

My friends know me so well they gifted me a bunch of subscription boxes for my birthday.  Yes, I am still addicted to reading about subscription boxes but lucky me cashed in big. Subscription boxes are like magical mystery boxes delivered to your doorstep.

I received the Pop Sugar Must Have February box. Look at all these goodies.  Pop Sugar Must Have includes a Must Have Beauty, Fashion, Fitness, Home, and Food Product. Every month! This is my current fave but I have so many more to try. If you would like to try a month or two out yourself, here is my referral link.

I got a one month subscription to Tea Sparrow.  Love me some tea. I forgot how much better loose leaf tea is than the stuff you usually buy in boxes.  I received Lavender Earl Grey (earl grey is my fave), Organic White Rose, Strawberry-Champagne, and Organic Chai Rooibos.
Sorry for the crummy pic

I now have a 3 month subscription to Nature Box and I received my first box.  Whoo hoo . Nature Box delivers 5 snacks a month. Each snack is guaranteed to be no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and 0g trans fat.  You can choose your snacks or let them chose for you.  For the first month I picked Fuji Apples, Cherry Ganache Granola, Dark Cocoa Almonds, Yogurt Dipped Pretzels, Sriracha Roasted Cashews, and Cherry Berry Granola. Here is my referral link if you would like to check it out fo yoself. 

Photo from website

I also got a subscription to Beauty Box 5.  I have not received my box for this one yet.  I expect it to be along the lines of BirchBox.  The box includes 5 cosmetic samples a month.  Can't wait.

Photo from website

Anybody tried any boxes that I need to try?

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Just Checkin In

So last night sometime between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM Kate outgrew her 3 month jammies because I couldn't snap her back into them.  I busted out 6 month clothes today.  So strange for me to have a normal sized baby. 

The stuff Wyatt comes up with these days is insane.  I don't know if he makes it up or learns this stuff at preschool from some 2 year olds under the fluence of fermented juice.  He told me with a straight face. Hear that? That's elephants knocking on the door.

Kate stretched her optimal awake time from 1 hourish to 2 hourish in a matter of a week or two causing a very confused mama. We had to suffer through a week with lots of short naps and grumpy baby, but I think we have adjusted and are back to good naps.  Oops. Rule number 1. Never talk about good naps.

I am still pressure cookering and I love it.  About ready to retire my crock pot even though it does a great job of making minimal effort dry and overcooked chicken and roasts. Made this carne guisada recipe time going to triple it.

Kate is running for number 1 kiddo since she enjoys going on runs in the stroller.  Yeahhhhh!   She happily rode along and even napped at 3 months of age while Wyatt screamed in a jogging stroller until 6 months of age.  Also, Kate always always wakes up happy from a nap no matter how short and Wyatt always cry-waked until 18 months.  I guess this makes up for never being happy when we leave the house a teensy weensy bit.  She is doing much better though.  I am reentering the real world again (Target, playgrounds, Chick Fil A).

Work is sucking the life out of me.  Sorry for my lack of posts.  Sorry this is the best post you will get for  while.  I am sooo behind.  My house is sooo messy.  I am sooo tired.  But I am sooo happy. I fluctuate between really wanting to go back to work full time and contribute as a non-mom and quitting my job so I can enjoy a little free / me / cleaning time. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Breakfast Hacks

Here are a few breakfast items that I make in advance so that I have to put forth zero effort in the morning and I don't have to eat cereal.  I loathe cereal.  Eating cereal actually makes me hungrier!  Cereal consumption causes intense carnivorous daydreams.  I start looking around for meatballs or want to bust out last nights pot roast for breakfast. high school I ate leftover meatloaf frequently.  Ha ha!

Idear number 1:  Make a big ol batch of breakfast taquitos like these , cool completely, freeze, and then pop them in the oven for about 20 minutes in the morning.  They are a bit dried out so they need a dipping sauce (salsa, chipotle sour cream, avocado).  I haven't found a way to make these with corn tortillas and keep them crispy.  Flour tortillas work nicely. 

Idear number 2: Overnight oatmeal.  I have tried crock pot oatmeal and it was disgusting.  This recipe has you put oats and milk in the fridge overnight.  When you wake up, you stir in greek yogurt.  I added honey and granola.  I really liked this cold oatmeal. I guess its kinda like cereal but whatever. It was good and I wasn't starving in an hour.

Idear number 3: Green smoothies that you make in bulk and freeze into individual sized freezer bags. The night before you want one, but the bag into the fridge.  The smoothie will be mostly thawed.  Just squish it around in the bag to finish the job.  I found this guide for green smoothies that is perfect.  I went with coconut water, spinach, the big ol mixed frozen fruit, coconut oil, and honey.  Deelicious.  I usually scarf down a cheese string or something silly like that with it.  I don't really know what to eat with smoothies but I know smoothies aren't enough.

Wyatt loves all three of these.  I also found Wyatt licking the trash can yesterday so use your own judgment for his meal recommendations.  Any of yous guys have any quick non cereal breakfast ideas?

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Want Mooooomy

We crossed the line. We hit the point. I lose. He wins.  Even if he loses, I lose too.

Average time it takes to make Wyatt:
  • wash hands - 12 minutes
  • stop playing to come eat - 7 minutes
  • allow me to dress him - 14 minutes
  • get from truck to inside of house - 21 minutes 
  • brush teeth and put on night time diaper - 27 minutes
Any time I try to make him do something he doesn't want to do its ugly, big tears, drooling, snotting, and "I waaannttttt mommy".  His favorite words are "NO", "I need 1 minute"(while shooting me the bird because he is learning to hold up numbers), and "OK" (which translates to no).  

So lets list the things he does want to do:
  • play obsessively with toys
  • eat ice cream sandwiches
  • sing 1 billion songs and read 1 million books before bed
Anything outside of that list is a fight.  So far my strategy is to stand off the the side, have him tell me when he is ready, and shove chocolate chips into my mouth that I am supposed to use to make cookie bar on Valentines day.  I better remember to reserve 2 cups...or I could halve the recipe?   So maybe I should just make him do it right?  Well, I need to work out some mo' because I can't physically find a way to do this sometimes. 

I hear 3 is worse than 2.  Sigh. Great news though!  His preschool is going to have a summer program this year.  Whoo hooo.  I was scared about being able to continue working my hours while he didn't have school. 

This picture is pointing out something very important.  Not the lightening McQueen bandaid.  Not the John Deere tractor.  Not the crops, and plowed rows, and grass, and tractors colored on the box.  See that on the side?  Revolution SE Duallie.  I got my double jogging stroller. Whoo hoo.  Cant wait for the weather to warm up a tad bit so we can rock the stroller double kid style.  I wonder how many minutes it will take me to get Wyatt into the stroller?

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