Friday, February 27, 2015

Five Fact Friday

What a random week.  I have a cold (I think). Pretty sure it isn't allergies because I was cold all day and I am not one of those cold all day people.  Wyatt forgot how to behave this week. Kate forgot how to nap. Hunter had to work til forever every night. But somehow I had a pretty positive attitude?? I was all "It's ok that I cooked dinner that I ate and then cooked another kids dinner because they didn't eat what I cooked and then Hunter got home too late to help with dinner bath dishes. I can do this". I wish pizza was healthy because I think that is what I am "cooking" tonight. So onto my five facts.

1.  Wyatt does actually like salad. Spinach or dressing..just picks it up and chomps on it.  This week he told me "I love tastes like hot dog".  Ok bud...whatever you have to say to like spinach.

2. During bath time this week I was scrubbing the bottom of his foot and I found a little splinter barely embedded.  When I pulled it out he said "did you get a bone?". Ha!

3. I am a big fan of all of the Jamie Eason workout plans and she came out with a 12 Week Post Pregnancy Trainer.  Where was this when I needed it!?  So very hard to find stuff like this with details and it's free! Side note...she is still nursing at 18 months so she would understand about supply issues and other fun stuff. 

4. Hunter is not OCD but he always wants to rearrange the dishwasher when he sees it.  I guess this is his thing.  I wish I was OCD sometimes. I think my house would be a lot cleaner.  The only things I am super into keeping straight are files and photos on my computer and ummm I can't think of a single other thing! Wow.

5. This week I had a few recipe wins.  Honey Sriracha Chicken Thighs,  a Pad Thai that was worth my time but not better than take out (they never are), and some cute little turkey burger sliders that I thought the kids might eat and they didn't. The turkey burgers were from the America's Test Kitchen cook book and they used Ricotta cheese as a binding agent and only flavored with dijon and Worcestershire.  I really liked them this way.
So I ate 3 of these and then 1 more meat patty. Ha!


Friday, February 20, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. How we spent our Valentine's Day...Whataburger lunch on the beach. Of course I got the #4. So great that they have a meal that comes with jalapenos and cheese by default.

2. How we spent our day after Valentine's Day...a short road trip to numb the pain since Hunter had to work.  We ended up at Steak n Shake for lunch after some playground time and it happened to be kids eat free day.  Whaat whaaaaat. I didn't even get a shake though.

3. I had one 5 AM workout at 36 degrees and then the next workout was 68 degrees this week.  So much confusion.  I did start to order some workout gear from ThredUp. I got a new to me running jacket and a couple of tops from Zella. I guess I draw the line at used shorts with the built in undies??
Horrible picture but see the red jacket...I like.
4. Kate growing up stuff....she does all of the slides and stairs at the playground. She is starting to say a lot of words. She can imitate Wyatt playing most of his toys with the right sound effects. When Wyatt is upset she goes up to him and claps her hands and holds out her arms like I do.  She talks gibberish in his face to calm him down and it just makes him madder.  She still walks around the house putting on shoes, bows, jewelry and insists that you do the same. 

5. I am working on shortening Kate's morning nap and stretching the afternoon nap because it is almost time for 1 nap here.  I am not ready to figure out how to work from home without her morning nap, but I can't send her to school in September if she still does. I think she is just about ready.

Have I bored you enough yet?  Greaaaat. My job is done here.  Happy Friday!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Five Fact Friday

1. Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!! I bought store bought Valentines for Wyatt's school. I haven't planned to make any yummy dessert for Hunter. Or even dinner for that matter. Bah humbug.  But I took some cute pics of the kids. Laura always hooks us up with the best outfits!

2. Wyatt always wants to wear his super cape after bath time so he runs around with his hoodie towel on his head.  Guess who else got into the action! I have to tie it up on the bottom so she doesn't face plant.  And the non stop climbing of the stool.  I remember this phase. The helper. The busy body.  The sticking her fingers in the butter.

3. Tractor Supply Company for 2 please
4. Wyatt has had a really rough week.  Hunter has had to work late.  He just wants to see him.  He refuses to eat dinner without him, and that doesn't work because Hunter gets home too late. Sometimes after bedtime soo he gets really grumpy and tired and melty.  He had an epic melt down one night and fell asleep on the kitchen floor.  I left him there long enough to finish giving Kate her dinner and got her into the bath tub.  This is becoming a pattern and it makes me really sad because he isn't trying to be bad. He just wants to see his dad.  We got spoiled over the last few weeks because he was getting home on time.
5. And more Valentine's Day pics because I don't have anything else to write.  I really hope everyone has THE BEST weekend.


Friday, February 6, 2015

Five Fact Friday

A slow and a fast week all at the same time.  Always happens.  And halleluiah, I am not cooking dinner tonight.  You know what that dishes. Or less dishes. 

1. We did not play outside enough this week.  Lots of cold...some rain.  When this happens, Wyatt starts karate chopping walls and tackling toys.  He is a really calm dude too so it is extra noticeable.  I really do not know how people survive that live not in the south...or in a place where it rains all the time. Do share. How do you not go crazy?

2. After 3 phone calls, 4 meeting requests, and a few emails...I finally had "the talk" at work. We are taking my "list of reasons my role may not be required anymore" to the higher ups to see what they think.  Basically, I am firing myself...but just from my role?  The people I work for are great, they are just entirely too busy and I am entirely not important enough in the big picture, and I know these possible new roles will not happen in a timely manner.  In the mean time, I got a side job for 2 weeks at work and I am absolutely loving the feeling of contributing, being knowledgeable,  and interacting with people (only virtually of course). 

3. I am still waking up voluntarily at 4:30 AM three days a week for my boot camp class.  And you know what? It doesn't hurt anymore.  Even better, I get to shower, dress, put on makeup, and login to work before my littles wake up.  This is a really good feeling.  Maybe even a better feeling than sleeping in.  I know. I wouldn't have believed it either.  The downside. I physically shut down around 9:00 PM.  No more watching 30 minutes of a movie with a cup of hot tea with Hunter.  I stumble to the bathroom to brush my teeth and jump in bed. I have always been a morning person. I have always struggled to stay awake in the evening.  The downside of morning recovery time.  I am sore almost every day and physically exhausted from these tough work outs.  I love this boot camp class.  So challenging...every single class. 

4. I have a new strategy.  I am ordering lots of the basics from Amazon Prime in the Monthly Subscribe and Save store.  I am talking toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, granola bars, coconut water, face wash, hand soap, diapers, wipes, on and on.  I got the biggest box from Amazon at my front door.  If I subscribe and save to 5 or more items a month I get 15% off.  Easy peasy.  Their website makes this ordering very manageable.  So far, most of the items I have price compared against are cheaper than the local stores for me.  Baby soap is the only item that has seemed overly expensive from Amazon.  If all this stuff comes to my front door, then I only have to buy perishables from the grocery store and I can save time and money by not going to Wal Mart and Target and buying junk I don't need?  Maybe? Or not?  Time will tell.  There are lots of bloggers that highlight the best Subscribe and Save deals weekly so you can catch the goodies.  Here is one.

5. I have not been very good about taking pictures lately, so here are a few from my nephew's 4th birthday party.  Lots of fun had by all.