Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hairdresser Convos

For the first time in EVER, I have a regular person to cut my hair. I really like the place, and I really like Jessica.  The place attempts to be trendy so I always feel pretty lame there anyways because I just dumped the kids on Hunter, made sure there were no visible food stains on the clothes, and then I run out the door.  So this was our conversation. Do you have any big plans this weekend? Nope, getting a hair cut was my big plan.  Not going to go anywhere since your hair is done?  Hmm..maybe Wal Greens before I head home for the day.  What is new with you since the last time I cut your hair?  Ummm uhhh hmmmm eeeeeehhh absolutely nothing? We had already covered the kids are growing topic. Do you have any big vacations for the summer?  Ummm. Sea World twice? Wow. Ok.  End convo. Whew. Return to my normal boring living room and proceed to live boring (but enjoyable) life.

I am currently living the minimalist kitchen. I put all appliances including toaster oven in the cabinets. I literally have almost nothing on the counter (cutting board, knives, kitchen aid mixer, spoon rest, hand soap).  This is really making me keep the kitchen cleaner.  When it looks like this, I don't put junk piles down. I have tons of room for food prep and dishes. I put up the dishes that are out drying ASAP.  This is kinda fun.  This did not make my kitchen look any prettier.  Yucky oak cabinets, yellow walls, and off white laminate countertops are still there. Maybe even more prominent since there is nothing to hide it. Maybe in a few weeks I will have all of the appliances back out on the counter and will be focusing on a different part of my life.

Like perhaps fitness?  My gym membership ends in August. And Kate still doesn't like it.  Wah. And it is still too hot to run outside with kids. And Hunter can't get home on time for me to sign up for this boot camp class I would love to go to a few times a week. Could I have any more excuses?  Well I came across this I am thinking at least I can do this.  For a week or two?
This super not intense work out has no chance of giving you a beach body like the model here.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Few Things...

8:00 AM is not early enough to go on a run while pushing a double stroller in July. Sweaty kids. Sweaty mom. Full shower with hair washing required.

I found a new favorite ground beef or turkey recipe.  I have been cooking pounds of ground like crazy because Kate loves ground meat.  Tacos, spaghetti, tacos, stuffed pasta, tacozzzz, spaghettiiizzzz.  So try this one if you are in a ground meat rut.  Korean Ground Beef.  We served it over rice but it was even better the next day for lunch in romaine hearts with sweet chili sauce.

I think I am going to put myself on an online shopping diet. I am always like oh man..I need toothpaste. Amazon! Well I can't just order toothpaste. I probably need some chipotle paste too. And maybe some socks.  Think I can go the whole month of August without buying anything online? I am going to try.  This does mean I can go to Target more.

I am loving the new makeup setting spray I mentioned here.  It really did keep my powder on a lot longer. I sprayed pre makeup, after makeup, and at 1:30ish (nap time). I also spent several hours wondering what smelled so good on me before I realized it was the rose water on my face. I was smelling my pits, my hair, my clothes...I could not figure it out.  On day 2 and no major breakout problems. Also, you can spray this on your eye shadow brush instead of getting the brush wet with water to really make the colors pop.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wyatt Decoder

In case I ever ask you to babysit, here is the current list of things you may need help decoding.

Ouch - I have to go potty
I want some milk - I am hungry for real food
Anything - Nothing
Nothing - Anything
Pooner - Wyatt's imaginary friend
Booner -  Nickname for Wyatt's imaginary friend
Pom - Wyatt's other imaginary friend
What is a telicorn? - ??? He asks this when I am tucking him in at night...please don't be the boogeyman
Grill - Girl
Mean Boy - Garrett at school. He hits.
Tuck the wall - ??? I am still trying to figure this one out
I neeeeeeeed you - I have a bobo, I am jealous of Kate, I am hungry, I am sleepy, I can't find my toy usually all at the same time.

An I neeeed you moment

Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY Makeup Setting Spray

I know...again with the makeup...who am I.  But here is the deal. I don't really like to wear foundation or bb cream or even tinted moisturizer.  Now that I learned how to prime and moisturize effectively, I just use concealer on a few places and go.  Then I put on my highlighting and contouring powder and my mascara and I call it done.  But powder doesn't really stay on all day. I was tempted to buy a fancy makeup setting spray but I figure I will probably hate it or it will make me break out. So I went to pinterest AND makeup setting sprays are primarily glycerine with a smattering of other ingredients I already own. 

So I went to Amazon and I bought this glycerine for ~$6 and I bought these 3 spray bottles for ~$6 and I am going to whip up a batch of this makeup setting spray.   I will let you know the results in a few weeks (maybe if I remember).

Also, this Crack Creme, that I bought (recommended by some bloggers) has really helped to fight the flip flop feet and I am almost out and guess what the main ingredient is??? Glycerine.  So maybe I will mix that in with some lotion and put it on my tootsies.  Let's just see. 

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Shower Skipping Options

Are my readers wondering how the gym membership thing is working out for me?  I thought so! ;) Kate cries every time from the moment I walk out of the door until the moment I walk back in the door. Except for this one magical time when Ms. Brenda was working there, and another girl named Kate played baby dollies with her.  I still really like the child care staff and the place, I just have a serious mamas girl.  So we set the clock for 15 minutes...I run to the weight room as fast as I can...and the child care staff pulls out all of the tricks that don't work.  My usual workout goes like this.  Bust it for 5 minutes on the treadmill. I alternate between maxing out the incline or maxing out my speed. Then I run over to the weight area and I pick about 3 exercises (back and biceps, chest and triceps, or shoulders).  Then I watch the clock and wait for the child care staff to come get me...and they do.  And then we go check out.  Worth the drive yet? Absolutely not.  I just keep hoping they will become a familiar face for her so I can work out longer.  And if this never happens, we have been enjoying the pools as a family so I am not a total waster of a gym membership.

So I am able to work up a sorta decent sweat and I am not even able to wipe off the sweat before I pick Kate up.  I have been rotating through some shower skipping options.  I buckle the 2 kids in, crank the ac, and stand outside my car and wipe, spray, de stinkify. 

My arsenal

YouSmell Wipes in Lemon Verbena - I got this in one of my PopSugar Must Have boxes. I really like the smell.  The wipe is nice and wet and big enough to do the job.

Secret Re-Fresh - My local grocery store had these on sale for $1.49 instead of $3.49 so I bought every single smell there was.  These are alcohol based so are drying (which is nice to soak up those leftover sweat particles) but I feel like they don't do as good of a job as the wipes.  Sometimes I use the wipes and then spray with one of these.  My scent ranking in order of best to worst is Citrus Breeze (LOVE this one), Romantic Rose, Pasion de Tango, and Fearlessly Fresh (not a fan at all).

Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths - These are wipes that have more of a makeup remover wipe texture but have a powder finish that helps you to feel clean and dry.  I think this one is my favorite shower skipping alternative.  I have tried invigorate and restore and I like both scents.  The only problem I have is one wipe doesn't do the job.  I need two. 

So there they are.  This + dry shampoo + makeup remover wipes means I never shower again.  Just kidding.  That is my 10 minutes of peace and quiet at night so I will never give that up.  Anybody else have any shower skipping faves? 

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm a Mombie...Rawr

Hi Strangers! How was everyone's 4th of July? We had a good the beach and amongst the mosquitoes. There was crabbing (aka don't let your kids fall into the less than a food deep water).  There was sand play (aka Kate don't eat it). There was kite flying (aka you better hold onto the end so you don't cry when you lose it). There was food.  And there was less sleep than usual. My sister in law put it best when she said we don't go on vacation...we take trips.  Yes...very true.

I took Kate's sound machine, and everyone humored me and helped me to foil the windows and OH OH OH I was celebrating how great Kate slept the first night and day of naps.  And then night 2, was downhill, and then night 3 was more downhill, and then night 4 we were underground, and then night 5 we were into the depths of H E hockey sticks and all. Let's give her a break because the mosquitoes almost ate her alive and she is and was getting her first tooth.

So, lack of sleep aside, I used to be all put together riiiight?  Well there is only one bill I don't have on autopay here, because our tiny town doesn't offer that.  They would prefer I come inside and shake their hand and write them a physical check....silliness.  Anyways, around 11:00 AM I sent my neighbor a text asking if they had water and they did.  Hmmm.  Well my neighbor did see the water man at my cutoff thingy so maybe they were just working on something.   Hmmmm.  A tiny little itch in the back of my head.  Maybe I didn't pay the water bill?  That is silly. I am too put together for that. A little more itching in the back of the head.  I log onto their website (at least they have that) and the status says disconnected!!! Noooooo. And my total bill is $175ish?  So $50 of late fees and reconnect fees later, we have running water.  Whooo hooo. Mom-bie...rawr!

Other Mom-bie moments.  I cut up the wrong credit card when I got a new one in the mail.  I tried to give Costco a gift card instead of my membership card and it took the lady 3 times of explaining for it to sink in.  I tried to go to a social event on the wrong day.  I was so confused when nobody else was there.  I almost called the person but luckily, I checked the date first.  Boom. Not today.  I am emailing the wrong people at work (super embarrassing). There are some other mom-bie moments I can't remember because I am such a mombie.

Here is hoping I find a cure to the mombies.  It's nothing that a few months of good sleep and time around other adults won't cure.  Rawwwrrr!

P.S.  To hide some of the mombie symptoms (under eye circles, general state of confusion, etc), I am wearing the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes these days and I love them so much I am having an online party ( you pampered chef, thirty-one, tupperware but for makeup).  If you are interested in trying out some mombie-scara, check out my link here.  They are $29 pre shipping, but are worth it so far to me.  They are not fake lashes.  It is a layer of fibers you paint on with mascara.  Not going to go into my speech here, but contact me if interested.
Top no mascara, middle regular mascara, bottom younique 3D fiber lashes).