Sunday, April 28, 2013

My New Favorite App

Do you use Gmail and have an iPhone?  Do you like to get most emails outta your inbox but have a few that you need to think about later?  Meeee toooo?!?!  Well, go get the Mailbox app by Orchestra.  You can snooze your emails, move them out of your inbox for a few days, trash them, or archive them.  I wuv it.  This app might be really old and I am just finding out about it...not sure.  The goal....getting to Mailbox 0.  It is a wonderful state that can never last very long!

****Yah, I know you can do all this with labels and flags in the standard Mail app or the Gmail app but it it just not easy on a mobile device. 

Now, if I can just find an app that will keep the mating mockingbirds from chirping from 1:00 AMish to 5:00 AMish EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.  I read some stuff about fake snakes and plastic owls, but I just can't find the energy.  I don't really like to do ear plugs in case I need to hear my Wyatt, but I am almost to the point! 

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