Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Fun Every Month

Even though the days are long as a stay at home / work from home mom, every month gets to be a little bit more fun.  Wyatt makes me laugh every day!  I am sure our fun level will have to plateau at some age (tantrums, pushing the limits), but for now I am going to enjoy this.  We even communicate...almost.

Wyatt climbing into the stroller while saying "wok" means he wants to go on a walk.  Easy one.  After we went to the park yesterday, he climbed right into the stroller.  I guess he didn't get enough time outside.

Speaking of parks, "whee" means I want to go down the slide.  This is also an easy one.  He gets confused by the ups and downs. He tries to climb up the slide, but doesn't understand why that isn't whee. I have to park him in front of the steps.  I usually climb up the steps and slide down the slide with him.  He is tooo little and there are big gaps on these toys (said the first time over protective mom). 

Last week, he wanted to climb up the steps on the playground while dragging a stick that was about 6 feet long.  He was so frustrated because he couldn't do both and went ballistic when I tried to explain that he couldn't take the stick while climbing and I took it away.  I am not ready to parent this type of stuff.  It requires more skills.

"Woof!"  Most of the time woof means dog, but sometime woof means shoes.  Not really sure how these got to be the same.

If I am packing up my diaper bag, putting on shoes, or I say "talk to you soon" on the phone he knows to say Bye Bye. 

The most exciting (to me) form of communication....when he is fussing or pointing at something that I don't understand, I can say show me and he will walk over to what he wants and points.  Most of the time, the fridge means drink, the door means outside, etc.  This is so much better than the guessing game we play in the earlier months....clean diaper, just ate, just napped...still crying? I don't knooooowwwww what to dooooo. 

 We went through a few rough nights and bad naps last week.  I assume this happened because of two first molar teeth poking through on the bottom.  The teeth haven't made it all the way through yet, but my good sleeper has returned.  My good sleeper is currently in the mood to play by himself for extended periods of time.  Whaaaa?!?!?  I am not going to complain, but surely this awesomeness won't last for long.   This week he spent 30 minutes unloading and reloading some dresser drawers. He has also spent over an hour stuffing things into a box. 

30 minutes of free time
1 hour of free time

I leave you with a picture of hat baby mullet.  I am considering chopping this over the weekend.  It will not be a full haircut since I will only be cutting the back so there will be no need to get emotional over this one.  OK? OK.

He is looking down in this one so the mullet doesn't look as prominent

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At November 8, 2012 at 7:32 AM , Blogger KEE said...

Developing his little personality...good age and so much fun!


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