Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sanibel Island

We made the drive to Sanibel Island, Florida this weekend.  Sanibel Island is a barrier island that has an East to West orientation and this causes tons of shells to wash up on the shore.  You can watch the CBS Sunday Morning show here if you would like to see a 5 minute video about the area. 

The town is fairly small.  The bike paths are awesome.   The ocean view is great.  The shells are amazing....the number, the variety, wow! 

We drove up on a Friday evening.  Wyatt slept most of the way there.  We got to the hotel around midnight and settled in.  Wyatt refused to go to sleep until about 3:45 AM.  Isn't vacation with kids fun?  One of our neighbor hotel rooms even rang our room in an attempt to "support me in my time of need".  I ignored it.  The next day we ran on adrenaline, got in some good naps, and Saturday evening he slept like a perfect angel.

A very windy weekend

The shells piled up along the beach

Wyatt enjoying the shells

Wyatt and Mammaw running on the beach

Riding to Captiva

We didn't find any outstanding food options, but definitely enjoyed our mini vacation!  The town is small enough to see in a weekend.

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At November 2, 2012 at 8:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're moving this up on our to do list! :)


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