Thursday, October 4, 2012

Music For Your Workout

I am 50% safe during my runs since I only run with one headphone in.  Maybe I can increase that number to 75% safe because I carry the Pink SABRE pepper spray?

Anyways, I like music when I run.  Some of the Pandora Workout mixes that I have mentioned before are great.  But like most Pandora stations, they are great the first few hours of a listen and then they start wandering over into boring music.  Or the remix versions of a song you have already heard 10 times and given a thumbs down to.

I just put the Spotify app on my phone to test out their Radio (Pandora like channels).  I am tempted to pay for a month of Spotify Premium to see if it is worth $9.99.  You can build better playlists, listen to any song on demand, and can listen while offline.  I need to test it out to see if it is better than building my own playlist in iTunes and purchasing songs as I find them. 

There is also an interesting site called Jog FM. You can enter your mile pace and the site will recommend music based on your speed.  This integrates with Spotify.   Jog FM also has an app for your iPhone for $2.99.  Interesting.

How do you find new workout music?   What songs do I need to add to my playlist?

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