Sunday, September 23, 2012

Heart Monitor Training - Part 2 - Resting Heart Rate

Unlike max heart rate, resting heart rate is a reflection of your fitness level.  One morning, when you don't have to wake up to an alarm, pick up your heart rate monitor and record your rate for a few minutes while you lay there and zone out.  Pick the lowest number that your monitor reports.

My number when I was in pretty good shape was 52.  For some reason my new one is 51.  Who knows?

I have two watches / heart rate monitors that I use.  I love the Garmin Forerunner 305 for tracking heart rate, average pace, current pace, and distance.  I was able to get this for around $200.  I am sure the newer models are cooler, but I love this watch / monitor and plan to use it until it dies.  Does anybody have a newer watch or different brand they absolutely love that I need to check out?

I also have a $20 Reebok watch and monitor.  This one works with all of the treadmills I have tried.  I got it off of the Woot site and have not had any issues.

Be sure to stock up on CR2032 batteries because I burn through these like crazy and I think most heart rate monitors use these. 

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