Monday, October 15, 2012

Heart Monitor Training - 1 Month Update

Ok folks...I have been running about 20 miles a week for the past 4 weeks consistently following the heart monitor training plan.  That breaks down to 5 runs a week - 4 days of easy and 1 day of hard.

Have I improved? Yes.  Have I improved as much as I wanted to? Not yet.  I have only had one "stellar" slow run so far.  I ran 4 miles at 12:16 min/mile Tuesday evening.  There was no stroller, a nice breeze, and I was in a great mood.

As a reminder, I have to keep my heart rate for slow runs around 153 bpm.  My heart rate requirements for the hard runs vary based on the training plan, but in general have to be under 170. 

Week 1 Paces:
3 Mile Easy Run - 15:02 minute mile
1 Mile Hard Run - 11:13 minute mile

Week 4 Paces:
3 Mile Easy Run - 13:48 minute mile
Hard Run Intervals - 14:46 minute mile

I can't really compare the paces for my hard run because week one's hard workout was 1 mile 65%, 1 mile 80%, and 1 mile 65%.  For week 4, I had to run 1 mile 65%, 1 mile striders, 1 mile 400m interval at 80%, and then 1 mile 65%.  After striders, my heart rate is high and I can't do my intervals very fast at all. I even walk all recovery intervals instead of jog.  Maybe I should slow down on my striders but that is the whole point of them.  P.S. I do feel like a maniac running really fast down the sidewalk with my jogging stroller bouncing around.  I always wonder if people think I am being chased.  They might also think I am a super fast runner, but if they wait about 5 seconds they will see me walking again.

So at one month, yay, I have improved.  I have not improved as much as I want to yet but there is definite progress.  I will consider this training plan to be a total winner if I can get my slow runs to around 10:00-10:30 minute mile pace.  That was my slow run pace back in the "good ol in shape days" and my heart rate was probably in the high 160s for that.  Come on heart! You can do it.  I will check back in with everybody in another month.

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At October 15, 2012 at 8:40 AM , Blogger KEE said...

I am so confused...this is a foreign language to me...just be careful out there. Might want to check Wyatt's heart rate after one of those blast runs...


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