Friday, July 20, 2012

Gluten Free Update - Hafway Point

Well, I never figured out what caused excessive screaming Wednesday morning but it left us by the afternoon and life has been very pleasant these last few days and nights.  Hooray!

An update on my one month gluten free trial since I am at the half way point.  My face has not magically cleared up but I am going to stick with it for two more weeks.  The adjustment has still been very easy. For those that don't know, I do not tolerate diet drinks.  Rarely can I enjoy food that is labeled lower fat / lower calorie.  Don't get me started on fat free cheese that doesn't melt! I have not felt that it is worth my time to learn to tolerate the taste of the modified foods and drinks. I guess I have no problem with eating potato flour and rice flour instead of wheat because gluten free has been easy.

Here are a list of the foods that we have tried and enjoyed (Hunter and Wyatt included):

Target Brand (Archer Farms) Gluten Free Fusili - Made of rice and corn. I could not find online, but this is in our local store.

Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Pizza Dough - This was really good

Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix - Hunter made chocolate chip cookies. Might try waffles this weekend with it.

Here are a few items that are not necessarily for gluten free purposes, but are gluten free and easily incorporated in meals: 

Maifun Rice Stick Noodles for stir fries and soup. 

Corn and Rice Chex Cereal - The chocolate one is great!

 We have been eating rice, potatoes, quinoa, and several varieties of asian rice noodles.  We have also been burning through our meat and vegetables.  We are eating yogurt like crazy and are on our 4th batch of homemade and already need to make a 5th batch.  

One minor disappointment.  Jacque and I went to a gluten free bakery/restaurant (such a great friend) and bought several dessert items.  Meh....they were not that great.  Maybe desserts are what suffer the most with gluten free.  I bought a loaf of jalapeno cheese bread with potato flour and that was pretty good.  

Happy Friday to everybody! Hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend. We have NO plans. 

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