Sunday, December 30, 2012

Peace Out 2012

Merry Really Late Christmas!  We had a fabulous time in Houston celebrating with both sides of the family.  Wyatt is going to be so bored without fun nephews to play with and aunties, uncles, grandmas, and grandpas to entertain him.  I will post pictures of the trip soon. (don't I always say that and then never post pics?)

We were "that kid" on the flight home yesterday.  I was sweating the whole time.  Flight delay, bad morning nap, won't nap on a plane, ran out of tricks, too stuffed on kiddie snacks, chapped face from outdoor play in the cold wind.  Funny...nobody told me he was cute yesterday. ;)  Also, right as the descending announcement was made "that kid" filled up his diaper. Ha ha...we survived.  Our airport shuttle driver entertained us by playing the harmonica on the way to our truck.  He also randomly met his cousin on the shuttle bus.  There was calling of mom back home and lots of shouting in non English.  Small world. 

Today Wyatt has the sniffles, but at least we are home to deal with any potential sickies. I have started the unpacking and laundry as part of vacation detoxification.  I have the itch to organize and clean!  Must be my mind telling me it's time to prepare for 2013.  Can't believe the year is almost over.  We have lived in Florida for a little less than a year now. My baby is all grown up!  Hunter and I are the same (but older and less cool). 

Check out his Christmas picture from last year.  Might be the cutest picture I have of him.  He looks like an angel.
3 months old - he was actually wearing the hat, but laying on a grody blanket

Here is this year.  Less angelic.  Less sitting still.  Still my baby!

He does have a bit more hair, but it doesn't show up

Well, I am off to prepare for new years.  Have to make my hoppin john (black eyed peas).  I loved this recipe last year.  I need to make some cornbread too.  What are your go to New Years recipes?

Merry Christmas (late) and Happy New Year (early)!

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At December 30, 2012 at 1:30 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

So glad you had a great time at home! So crazy how fast the little ones grow up (happy/sad)...I just wrote down black eyed peas and cornbread on my grocery list! Happy New Year!

At December 31, 2012 at 2:15 PM , Blogger LauraLowe said...

Glad you are back to blogging :) Please no more pics of baby Wyatt - I'm dying! Ugh, where did our tiny babies go?
Sorry you were that family on the way back - just tell yourself you were helping show any girlfriends/new wives on that flight that they didnt ACTUALLY want a baby yet! ;)


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