Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Last Week of Heart Monitor Training

I am in the last week of my heart monitor training plan.  This week I am supposed to run less mileage and many more hard runs.  I feel a little silly because I am not training for a race.  There are only a few jingle bell runs around the area this weekend.  I might just go see if I can ran an almost fast 5K without a stroller on my usual route. 

I did want to mention 2 iPhone apps I found recently.

RunLocator is a free app that lists upcoming races in areas you want to monitor.  The list isn't as complete as some websites, but is pretty good for a free app.

Also, I found an app called Heart Rate.  You have to take your phone out of the case, but then you cover the camera with your finger and it flashes and somehow measures your heart rate.  I would have thought there was no way it can be accurate, but surprisingly it is close.  Looks like they are charging $0.99 for it now, but it was free a few weeks ago. 

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