Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sports Bras for Nursing Women

If you are a male, you may want to stop reading.  I am about to talk about things like bounce, cup size, sports bras, and nursing.  I repeat...all males, stop reading!

Before I was pregnant I could run in the cheapo compression sports bras.  To be truthful, I was so small chested, I could have run in band aids and been happy.  No joke!  Due to pregnancy and nursing, things are a little bit different "around here", and the first time I tried running in one of the sports bras I used to wear, I could not handle the bounce.  It drove me crazy.  I figured it was time to invest in a real sports bra.  Moms, those nursing sport bras that are sold at places like Destination Maternity and Target will not cut it for running.  Basically if it it has nursing friendly clips, do not buy it if you want to feel good while running.  I do love to wear those around the house and for things like walking and yoga.  

Here are the 3 sports bras that I have had good luck with for running as a nursing mama.

Nike Dri-FIT Maximum Impact Shape Wire-Free Sports Bra #419413

Nike Maximum Control Rival Convertible Straps Soft Cup Sports Bra #381303

Champion Double Dry Zip Tech Bra Style 1699

Note: Do not spend a lot of time wearing these before or after your run as they can mess up your milk supply.

Note:  These are good recommendations for people like me that were an A cup before pregnant/nursing.  If you were larger, there are probably better options for you.  You probably learned to deal with bounce before you got pregnant.  It was news to me!

Note: I have not run in 2 weeks so I feel like a phony writing this.

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