Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Key West, FL

For the 3 day Easter weekend, we made the trip to Key West.  The town is great, and the drive there is beautiful, but feels so long because you go about 40 miles an hour once you leave Florida mainland.  We went with the Salame family and rented a condo we found online.  This worked out great because we could have a kitchen and all be in one house instead of trying to cram into 1 or 2 hotel rooms for the same price. If you need a condo recommendation for a group of 4 to 6 check this out.

I had an itinerary planned in advance (shocking, I know) and we were able to stick to it for the most part.  Wyatt was getting his first two teeth and skipped a nap on Saturday.  Saturday afternoon was unpleasant for us, and we ended up passing on dinner and going to bed early.  :)  The rest of the crew enjoyed a bike ride through town and a late dinner.

The dining that did not disappoint:
Titanic Restaurant and Brewery, South Miami
Hogfish Bar and Grill, Key West - this was REALLY great
El Siboney, Key West

Denell's quote of the trip..."We are on vacaaaaaytion!"

Roosters everywhere in Key the condo, downtown, the middle of the road
90 miles to Cuba
The Beach
The bikers
Group shot

The Edmondsons and Salames travel well together.  We didn't have time to kayak or fish, but there was some snorkeling done.  We hit all of the high points, but would love to explore more.  Maybe check out Key Largo?  Good times.

Now back to reality.  I fell off the workout and cleaning train last week.  The house is a disaster.  Wyatt isn't sleeping great (durn teeth).  I did manage to cook a nice dinner last night and unpack from our trip.  Baby steps.  Oh, and the most exciting adventure since vacation....our house smelled like rotten fish and I could not figure out what it was.  I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom.  I was going cray-cray-crazy!  Finally, I discovered a leaking carton of seafood stock.  Gross, but easy enough to clean.

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