Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ideas for Modifying Workout Plans

Hunter and I are currently doing Jamie Eason's Live Fit 12 week training program and have moved into Phase 2 (weeks 5 - 8).  I knew Phase 2 would be challenging since it requires 6 days of weight training (45 minutes) and 4 days of cardio (30 minutes).  I was only able to get in both workouts on one day last week.  It is tempting for personalities like mine to give up and not do anything when they know they won't be able to complete the entire workout as prescribed.  I really want to stick with the program. Time to get creative. These are the alternatives I came up with. 

Example of a Phase 2 workout week

Idea # 1 - Stretch the workout to 10 days instead of 6 days by breaking each day into two separate workouts. 

For this week, I would modify like this:
Day 29 Back
Day 30 Cardio
Day 31 Chest, Abs
Day 32 Cardio
Day 33  Legs
Day 34 Arms, Abs
Day 35 Cardio
Day 36 Shoulders
Day 37 Cardio
Day 38 Legs
Day 40 Rest

Idea #2 - Pick an emphasis for each week and alternate

Week 5 and 7 focus on strength.  Week 6 and 8 focus on cardio.  On the days that require 2 workouts do the one for that week's emphasis first and if time allows (yah right) do both.

I am going to go with idea #2.  I like the idea of keeping the week long cycle.  Perhaps these modification ideas can help to motivate you too if you are short on time but are trying to follow a set plan. Perhaps not.  It's whatever.

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At March 21, 2012 at 2:32 PM , Blogger KEE said...

My personality tells me not to even start since I wont make it past day three. But I am so glad yours tells you to keep on going. Mommies need to stay strong and healthy! Plus I like people named Jamie...her plan has to be good.


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