Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Funday

Husband is ditching us for out of town work for a few days, so Kid and I are going to have to find lots of ways to amuse ourselves.  Of course Kid passed his cold onto me and of course Kid keeps getting low fever off and on so our options are limited. 

I do let Kid frolic at the park, but once he gets all red and sweaty and I can't stop coughing we head home.  I suppose this means more trips to the Target and the Goodwill for air conditioned entertainment? I suppose I can still go running or walking. That is free of charge.  Cough cough.

I got Husband this Infrared Oil Less "Deep Fryer" thingy ma bobber for Christmas. I can't wait for him to try it. I hope it's easy to clean. 

We made The Homesick Texan's Dr Pepper Pork Ribs yesterday and they were tasty, but a little too syrupy sweet.  Might have to stick with just brown sugar next time.   Regardless, this is a pretty good method for cooking ribs in the oven for those that are doing the condo living.

Well Kid is about to wake up so time to start the Monday Funday.   Happy day to you!

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