Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Citrus Recipes Please

My dad shipped me 50 lbs of his homegrown citrus.  Awesome, right?  Very funny that I live in Florida and request citrus from my Dad's backyard. 

Let me see if I can list the varieties....Grapefruit (from a store bought seed that grew the biggest best tree), Mars Oranges, Tangelos, Bloomsweet Grapefruit, Louisiana Sweet Orange, Valencias, Meyer Lemons, other variety of Lemon.  My favorite that he grows is the Owari Satsuma, but satsumas don't ship.  I had to stuff myself while in town for Christmas. 

We are eating an orange and a grapefruit a day. I have made John Besh ambrosia.  His secret is adding simple syrup.  I already told you about the Chicken Cutlet with Orange and Arugula that I made. 

Most recipes I find call for frozen OJ concentrate or orange marmalade.  I want the real deal. 

A few I want to try....

Orange Brownies by Paula Deen (looks more like sheet cake to me)
Grilled Chicken with Dijon and Meyer Lemon
Brazilian Lemonade (with lemons instead of limes)

Send me your orange and lemon recipes please.  The fewer ingredients the better since I am moving soon. 

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