Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Surgery on Thursday

Wyatt is going in for a minor surgery on Thursday.  They couldn't finish his circumcision at birth because of a potential problem, and now they are going to finish the circumcision and decide if there is actually anything to repair.  They diagnosed him with a possible case of hypospadias.  If you  research this on the internet like I did, you will be horrified so I don't recommend it.  Luckily Wyatt has either a very mild case or no issue at all.

They have to put him under for the surgery. Eek!   I am stressed about:

  • Wyatt not being able to eat from 5:45 AM to 11:45 AM.  This might be a long trip to the hospital and we might be the loudest group at the hospital in the waiting area.
  • Wyatt having to be sent back to the strange operating room with strange people without his mommy.  For adult surgery, they give you a nice relaxer and you float off to la la land before you even get reeled back. Not sure if they do this for babies. 
  • Not knowing if they will have to do a repair or not. If they do, he will probably have a catheter for a week.  :(
  • The whole my baby is going under anesthesia stress.
  • My rocking chair popping and creaking so much as of today that I may not be wanting to use it for any potential sleepless nights or comforting sessions.  

Here is hoping Wyatt thinks its a big adventure with a long induced nap and just a teenie bit of pain when he wakes up.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers! 

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At June 21, 2012 at 11:30 AM , Blogger Stacey said...

Hope everything goes well.


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