Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Total Baby App

One might say that I am a little bit crazy since I still track every single nap and feeding for Wyatt.  I prefer to say overly analytical and mentally organized.  I bought the Total Baby application before Wyatt was born.  I love it!  You can track diaper changes and baths .  You can track height and weight.  You can track Dr. appointments and shots.  This application is a must for crazy moms like myself.  I will force myself to stop using it soon.  At least by a year old.  Maybe I could strike a deal with myself to stop earlier?  Not sure.  I enjoy it too much.

I have currently been using it to track Wyatt's temperature and last dosage of Ibuprofen.  This is very helpful when answering questions for Drs and remembering the last time you gave him medicine.

Wyatt is still super congested, sneezing, and coughing.  He is not eating very well and refusing naps unless in a car seat or I am rocking him.  He has even had to resort to puking to get up some of the mucous.  Poor baby.  I feel so sorry for him.  He manages to smile and play a lot during the day even though he is miserable.  I took him to the Dr today and the congestion has led to an ear infection so we are starting treatment for that.  I am really hoping he can wake up a happy dude tomorrow.  Happy dude = happy mama.

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