Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm Back

We got to spend last week in Texas since Hunter was in training.  It was soooo great to see everyone and get back to our roots.  I wish it was a longer trip.  We flew Southwest Airlines and Wyatt did great on the trip there and the trip back.  He didn't sleep very much like I thought he would, but he didn't fuss either. 

Some of the highlights of the trip (mostly food centered):
  • Quality time with nephews
  • Catching up with family
  • Babyholders
  • Crab Boil
  • BBQ
  • Real Mexican food
  • Crawfish Boil
  • Seeing our house in San Antonio that is not our house :)
  • A quick visit with our San Antonio friends
  • No flight delays

Gawsh, I am sad just typing all that.  I already miss everybody.  Wyatt had a rough start due to a sleep strike, but then he decided he could learn to sleep in a different crib and all was right in the world.  He did have some Mama issues.  If he could see Mama while being held by someone else he let them know they weren't Mama. 

The house feels really quiet today.  I might have to turn on some Pandora.  Today I am working on a brine for some Caveman Pops for dinner.  We have a play date at 3:00 to make the time pass faster.  I better spend some time getting the house in order and uploading pics from the trip during nap time.  I think we are going to Miami next weekend so no use getting Wyatt back into a routine!  Gypsy life is a busy life.

To my five loyal readers, sorry I didn't post more while I was on vacation! 


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