Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Updates

I know all of you are anxiously awaiting an update from the playdate / interview / social club meet up.  For just $20 a year, I can buy some friends! The playground meet up was a success.  There are plenty of other moms with small children that are as des per ate as me to get out of the house and interact with other adults. There were about 4 of us with kids under 1 year, and we all watched the moms with big kids and established play groups in awe. I am now a member of the International MOMS Club...they have an <sarcasm>awesome website </sarcasm>. Social events start next week.  I better stock up on deodorant. 

Other weekend excitement:
  • Hunter fixed the water pump on my truck so I can now make exciting trips to the trash dump, recycle bins, or even Target if I get crazy.  
  • We got Wyatt's room fixed up and all of the wall decorations up.  
  • We got my desk set up in the office / gym / guest bedroom.  
  • We tried a new grocery store,  Winn-Dixie, since the Publix seem very expensive.  They were a little cheaper, but did not have a great selection. 

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